The St. James Rifle and Pistol Association is open to residents of St. James AND to anyone from another community/town who would like to shoot with us. Any skill level is welcome!!!!  Membership information is available online. For more information contact us.


We meet each Thursday at 9:00 am (10 am in cooler months) at Roan's Branch Preserve, for trap shooting. On the 2nd Saturday of each month, we engage in a more formal trap competition (check the homepage for possible changes). The members engage in other disciplines on other days.


Our purpose is trifold. First and foremost, we come together to participate in the shooting sports in a variety of locations across the country. Secondly, we aim to educate interested parties about firearms and their safe handling. Last, but not least, we enjoy introducing the sports to those who have never tried them.


For the most part, we are target shooters that shoot for the fun of it, or for the thrill of competition. Many of us are versed in a variety of disciplines that include, but are not limited to: small bore, big bore rifle, high power rifle, handgun, trap and skeet, and hunting.



Check out our photo gallery of shooting events that include: 

  • Trap shooting at Low Country Preserve in Tabor City
  •  Rifle and Pistol Shooting at Ant Hill Gun Range
  • Safety Training
  • Field Trip to Backwoods Quail Club
  • Lunch at Bella Cucina Restaurant in Southport.


We are a group of people, from diverse backgrounds and experiences, who enjoy the recreational use of firearms. We engage in rifle and handgun target shooting and trap and skeet shooting. We welcome those who are new to the sport! The comradery  of the group is important to us, as demonstrated by our regular post-shoot lunches.

St James Rifle and Pistol Association

St. James, North Carolina


While many of us believe in our Second Amendment rights and support the National Rifle Association, we are not a political organization. We welcome all points of view and often engage in lively discussion.