On November 30th 2021, the St James Rifle and Pistol Association sponsored the first of their annual safety training events at Ant Hill Range.
More than 35 participants attended the session presented by Bill Boston and Rob Jerome co-founders of the club. Multiple training events happened during the year and it is a requirement for all new club shooters to participate.

St James Rifle and Pistol Association

St. James, North Carolina

On December 18th 2021, the Club held its seventh annual holiday  party at Members Club in St James. This was our first holiday party since 2019 and as a result we had a wonderful response with 70 guests. Members were glad to catch up with each other after so long.
When not chatting, the group enjoyed a buffet dinner, danced to DJ music, win door prizes, and received awards for year long shooting in 25 yd NRA Bullseye and Action Shoot. Trap and skeet awards were given at our annual picnic.
Lastly a memorial tribute was given for Frank Gennari who was instrumental in getting the club involved at the Ant Hill range.